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Ethiopia : Habtamu Ayalew Interview with VOA Amharic

Unbelievable the Ethiopian idiotic regime abusing human right and yet they have no shame to claim that they are working for Ethiopian
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What I’ve Learned as a Doctor in Ethiopia

By Margaret Muldrow
I found myself in a packed labor and delivery ward. When a woman gave birth to an unexpected twin who was not breathing, we had no choice. With virtually no protective gear, two nurses I’d brought with me jumped in and saved the baby.
We had no way to clean up, because this massive, overcrowded hospital in Ethiopia hadn’t had water in six weeks. We left covered with blood. The operating room, as well as the labor and delivery room, were cleaned with a single cup of water from one of the containers that had to be trucked in. We returned to our hotel and used the trickle coming from the shower to clean up, and we felt lucky to have it.
I grew up in remote Ethiopia. My strongest memory comes from when I was in the third grade. My dad had been a missionary and engineer with the Presbyterian Church. In his spare time, he’d work in the rural health clinic. We left in 1973.
I did not return again until 2008, this time with my elderly father and a newly minted medical de…

A Global Competition For Influence In Ethiopia

It doesn't take long upon arriving in Ethiopia to understand the forces at play. While China builds roads and highways in exchange for access to the country’s lucrative natural resources, the monarchies of the Arabian Gulf establish their influence in rural areas by building mosques and spreading Sunni Islam.

Journalist and Africa expert Howard W. French says that Chinese "neocolonialism" began in Ethiopia about two decades ago, in 1996.

ADDIS ABABA — On the flight from Rome to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, flight attendants hand out Chinese-language magazines. And in the city's Bole International Airport, the only cigarettes available are of the made-in-Chinese variety. Marlboros aren't an option.

Outside the airport, at the first traffic light, my taxi jockeys for position with a economy car driven by a man who appears to be Chinese. "Since they began arriving a few years ago I see them everywhere," my Ethiopian taxi driver complains. "We u…

Family to see illegally jailed Andy Tsege in Ethiopia after three years

The EPRDF rascals have the audacity to cheat the western spiced politician without any fear, they listen the order but they are acting as if they can live without the assistance of the western nations. And we know they are survived all these years because of the assistance of the western nations.
And the UK, US and Germany if they told them as it is, they will obey the order without any questions. And that is a fact
Andy Tsege finally gets access to a lawyer almost 1,000 days after being kidnapped by the Ethiopian authorities.

By Ian Woods, Senior News Correspondent

The family of a British man imprisoned in Ethiopia have been told they can visit him for the first time since he was illegally captured nearly three years ago.
On Monday Andy Tsege will have been held for 1,000 days.

He was seized while at an international airport in Yemen, and taken to Ethiopia where he'd already been tried and sentenced to death in his absence.
The Ethiopians regard him as a terrorist, but his fa…

D.C. Circuit Court Issues Dangerous Decision for Cybersecurity: Ethiopia is Free to Spy on Americans in Their Own Homes

Is that mean it is ok for Russian Meddling and in American elections or spying on American citizens?

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today held that foreign governments are free to spy on, injure, or even kill Americans in their own homes--so long as they do so by remote control. The decision comes in a case called Kidane v. Ethiopia, which we filed in February 2014.

Our client, who goes by the pseudonym Mr. Kidane, is a U.S. citizen who was born in Ethiopia and has lived here for over 30 years. In 2012 through 2013, his family home computer was attacked by malware that captured and then sent his every keystroke and Skype call to a server controlled by the Ethiopian government, likely in response to his political activity in favor of democratic reforms in Ethiopia. In a stunningly dangerous decision today, the D.C. Circuit ruled that Mr. Kidane had no legal remedy against Ethiopia for this attack, despite the fact that he was wiretapped at home …

Ethiopia’s GERD dam will make Egypt’s Nile delta sink under the Med, study says

Can I take this as scientifically proven fact, NOPE.... Ethiopia have every right to use her resource inside her territory.

It may be Ethiopia’s symbol of national pride, but the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) being built for hydroelectric power on the Blue Nile will have grave and unexpected consequences for its downstream neighbour, Egypt, according to a report published in the US.

The multi-year study of Egypt’s Nile Delta estimates that GERD could reduce the flow of water to Egypt by as much as 25%, restricting its fresh water supply and diminishing its ability to generate power.

These are already matters of contention between the two countries, but the study published by the Geological Society of America (GSA) flags up another, unexpected risk – that of the eventual submerging of parts of the low-lying Nile Delta region under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

In their paper published in the journal, GSA Today, Jean-Daniel Stanley and Pablo L. Clemente ar…

Ethiopia reports deadly raid by gunmen from South Sudan

I wish if they go to Mekele and attack them their land and they might do something about it but those corrupted Ethiopian leaders and they do not care about other Ethiopians and I am not expecting them to do anything at allMore than 1,000 gunmen from South Sudan have killed 28 people and kidnapped 43 children in neighbouring Ethiopia, according to a government official.
Chol Chany, a regional government spokesman, said on Wednesday the raids occurred on Sunday and Monday in Gambella region's Gog and Jor areas, which border South Sudan's Boma region.
"Murle bandits carried out the attack. They fled along with 43 children," Chany told Reuters news agency, using a term for a local ethnic group.

"The [Ethiopian military] is pursuing them. The assailants haven't crossed over to South Sudan yet."
According to AP news agency, Mawien Makol Arik, spokesman for South Sudan's foreign ministry, was aware of fighting in Gambella.
He said Ethiopian troops have no…