Friday, May 1, 2015


By Tecola W Hagos


The brutal murder of thirty Ethiopians in Libya and the savage attack and burning of Ethiopian Brothers in barbaric “Zululand” in South Africa in the last two weeks reminded me once again that we live among savages and subhuman creatures around the World. I cannot find appropriate words to use in identifying the savages that committed such heinous crimes against absolutely innocent and defenseless peaceful Ethiopians in Libya or in South Africa. These groups of individuals along with their leaders showed behavior no better than primitive wild animals. I cannot consider them as part of the human race of Homo Sapiens Sapiens in light of their criminal deeds. In either case they are a cowardly group of individuals that slaughtered innocent people, and their so called governments did nothing more than lip service to protect peaceful law abiding Ethiopians and other Africans from several countries. The South African Government has violated the Genocide Convention that is jus cogens may be even obligatio erga Omnes.

On Tuesday 28 April 2015, the South African Government has deployed military personnel to round up undocumented immigrants in areas where most of the crimes of murdering and looting of immigrants had taken place. The Government of South Africa is now getting ready to violate the human rights of African immigrants and is setting another purging to satisfy the demented desire of primitive criminals that do not even know who is stripping them of the wealth they aspire for. No matter how immigrants entered South Africa legally or illegally, they have their unalienable human rights and must not be abused, tortured, or murdered by anyone in South Africa. The South African Government and/or its Citizens are not above the Charter of the United Nations and numerous Conventions and Resolutions of the United Nations. The South African Government has signed and ratified such international instruments. It has the utmost duty and international obligation to protect every human being however his/her status might be within its territory from assaults, abuses, torture, and murders.

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Despite executions, drowning, some Ethiopians still dream of Europe

On the walls of homes in the poor Cherkos neighborhood of Ethiopia's capital, the portraits of "martyrs" killed in their attempt to enter Europe offer a grim warning.

The murders of several Ethiopian Christians last month in Libya horrified Ethiopians and sparked global condemnation, including from Pope Francis who expressed his "great distress and sadness".

At least five of the victims out of the group of 28 migrants on the gruesome video were recognised as coming from this poor neighborhood in the heart of the Ethiopian capital and its tightly packed clusters of simple brick, tin roof buildings.

"We were about to leave, now we will wait a bit, but not too long," said one young man aged around 20, sitting with friends, all shocked by having watched the horrific executions on their mobile telephones.

"In a few months this will all be forgotten. But our situation has not changed."

Sitting on the side of the street and recounting their frustrations, the three young men instead point to the "20 or so" migrants who they say they know have made it to Europe -- to Malta, Sweden, Britain and Germany.

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Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

In 1954, a young Indian nun working at a mission hospital in Addis Ababa dies while giving birth to identical twins. Their father, a well-respected British surgeon, disappears, abandoning the boys. Fortunately for the twins, the two doctors who deliver them become their loving, adoptive parents.

This big, bittersweet, beautifully written novel, set mostly around the hospital, follows the family’s fortunes over five decades. As the boys come of age, Ethiopia’s turbulent politics – executions, rebellions, coups – play out sometimes on the periphery of their personal story and sometimes at its very centre.

The “elder” twin, Marion, narrates the tale, at the heart of which is an act of betrayal that breaks the strong bond between him and his brother Shiva.

When political events take a dangerous turn, forcing Marion to flee to New York, he finds himself becoming entangled with his past and forced to come to terms with it.

Verghese, an acute observer, vividly evokes life at the hospital and in the bustling capital. He delivers a page-turning, emotionally absorbing tale – despite a surfeit of medical detail (the book’s title is a phrase from the Hippocratic oath).

The Ethiopian-born author is a doctor who lives, writes and teaches medicine in the US. This, his first novel, has sold more than a million copies.

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The United States’ irresponsible praise of Ethiopia’s regime

By Editorial Board (Washington post) April 30 at 8:43 PM

ETHIOPIA’S ELECTIONS, scheduled for May 24, are shaping up to be anything but democratic. A country that has often been held up as a poster child for development has been stifling civic freedoms and systematically cracking down on independent journalism for several years.

It was consequently startling to hear the State Department’s undersecretary of state for political affairs, Wendy Sherman, declare during a visit to Addis Ababa on April 16 that “Ethiopia is a democracy that is moving forward in an election that we expect to be free, fair and credible.” The ensuing backlash from Ethiopians and human rights advocates was deserved.

Ms. Sherman’s lavish praise was particularly unjustified given Ethiopia’s record on press freedom: It has imprisoned 19 journalists, more than any other country in Africa. According to a new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists, the country ranks fourth on its list of the top 10 most censored countries in the world. At least 16 journalists have been forced into exile, and a number of independent publications have shut down due to official pressure.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Look this Racist Jews Police officer without any reason attacking Ethiopian IDF member, Ethiopian Jewish should be repatriated to their home country, why should they stuggle with racism when they have their own home country!!

Ethiopia: Cry Once Again, Our Beloved Country!

Ethiopian lives matter!

Exactly ten years ago in 2005, almost to the month, the late supreme leader of the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (T-TPLF), Meles Zenawi, personally directed a campaign of brutal suppression of unarmed protesters following the general election that year. On May 16, 2005, Meles Zenawi declared a state of emergency, outlawed all public gatherings and placed under his direct personal command and control all police, security and military forces, and replaced the capital city police with federal police and special forces. In the coming weeks, Meles’ forces went on a killing rampage slaughtering 193 innocent protesters and severely wounding nearly 800 others. The unarmed protesters were hunted down and shot in the streets and in their homes simply because they chose to exercise their right to peaceably protest that rigged election. Those protesters died as martyrs to Ethiopian democracy.

I have been carrying the pain of that slaughter every day for the last ten years. I have preached about it every single week, without missing a single week, for the last nine. I joined the struggle for human rights in Ethiopia as a result of the Meles Massacres of 2005. The victims of the Meles Massacres cry out for justice. I am their voice.

In April 2015, almost a decade later to the month, I witnessed a revolting video clip of the slaughter of 30 Ethiopians by a barbaric self-styled terrorist group known as “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) (also known as Islamic State of Iraq and (Syria) al-Sham (ISIS)) in Libya. (I shall refer to this malignant cancer of a terrorist organization in the rest of my commentary here as “the terrorist group/organization” because I find it unconscionable, blasphemous and outrageous to associate the name of one of the great religions of the world with a barbarous, bloodthirsty and psychopathic group of criminal thugs in the world.)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eritrea: Escape from modern-day Sparta

Pictured as she was rescued from a stricken boat off the Greek island of Rhodes, the terrified face of Wegasi Nebiat last week became the symbol of Europe’s migration crisis.

The 24-year-old was among more than 100 migrants on a rickety craft that capsized en route from Turkey, drowning three of its occupants. But images of her being plucked to safety by a burly Greek rescuer have also put the spotlight on her homeland of Eritrea - a harsh, brutal dictatorship dubbed “Africa’s North Korea”.

The tiny Horn of Africa nation, which won independence in 1993 after a 30-year civil war with Ethiopia, is run as a one-party state by former guerrilla leader Isaias Afwerki and his cronies. Thousands of political prisoners languish in jail, no elections have been held in 20 years, and like Kim Jong-un’s hermit regime in Pyongyang, the country is off limits to foreign media and human rights groups.

However, one thing that Eritrea’s closed, secretive government cannot hide is how its population of just six million is now among the biggest customers of the people traffickers of the Mediterranean. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees says that of the 200,000 migrants who made the crossing last year, some 18 per cent, or nearly one in five, were Eritreans like Ms Nebiat. Only refugees from Syria, with its brutal civil war, made up more at 31 per cent.

An estimated 305,000 Eritreans, or five per cent of the population, have now left the country, fleeing torture, a stagnant economy, and conscription into a vast standing army that often amounts to little more than slavery.

The journey described by Ms Nebiat is typical. She started by fleeing over the Sudanese border, where Eritrean guards have been known to have an East German-style policy of to shooting anyone who tries to flee. Then she flew to Turkey on a false passport, before boarding the ramshackle wooden craft that took her to Rhodes.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not enough is being done to protect Christians in Middle East – Putin!

Moscow, April 16, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin said the situation in the Middle East for Christians is terrible and the international community is not taking enough steps to protect them.

“As to the Middle East and Christians, the situation is terrible. We have spoken about it many times and we believe that the international community is not doing enough to protect the Christian population of the Middle East,” Putin told reporters.

He reiterated that Christians have lived in the Middle East for centuries and the place is the birthplace of Christianity. “It is sad that the international community now cannot defend people who need the protection of the international community,” Putin said.


America Continues to Turn a Blind Eye On The Persecuted Christians in the Middle East; “Why Does No One Care?” – Beck

“Why does no one care?” Beck demanded on his television program. “When we talked about a Christian pizza parlor just the other day, Christians responded in large numbers. … Here people are getting executed. Shouldn’t the response be exponentially greater when Christians are literally being beheaded and crucified, children being raped and killed every single day?”

Beck shared the latest video released by the Islamic State showing the brutal murder of captured Christians in Libya.

“This time, Ethiopian followers of the cross were rounded up and brutally executed,” Beck said. “This is the greatest persecution of Christians in our lifetime. So why have Americans turned a blind eye?”

Beck said he can’t find an answer that he is comfortable with, but there are several possible reasons.

“Maybe we don’t react to these things because we don’t think of the Greek Orthodox or the Coptic Christians — we don’t know what the Coptic thing is,” Beck said. “Because would we care if the victims were Methodist or Baptist or Catholic or Mormon? I guarantee you we would.”

“Is the president right? Is it race?” Beck continued. “If the victims were white instead of Arab or black would we care more? … [Or] maybe it’s too far removed from our creature comforts here in America. It’s not even real to us. We don’t have the energy to care about anything happening half a world away because our world is burning down here.”

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Ethiopia: Free Zone 9 Bloggers, Journalists

The current Ethiopian PM did not have any power to release the prisoner and he is just a toy for the TPLF regime, if the previous dictator Meles was alive, at least he got power to release the prisoner and at this time Ethiopia did not have a leader.

(Nairobi) – Ethiopian authorities should immediately release nine bloggers and journalists arrested a year ago who are being prosecuted on politically motivated charges, Human Rights Watch said today. The six bloggers, who belong to the Zone 9 blogging collective, and three journalists were arrested on April 25 and 26, 2014, in a coordinated sweep in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. They were charged under the criminal code and anti-terrorism law for having links to banned opposition groups and trying to violently overthrow the government.

In the past year the court in the Zone 9 bloggers trial has adjourned 27 times, prolonging the case seemingly unnecessarily. The unreasonable delays, lack of access to lawyers, and various procedural irregularities raise serious concerns about the defendants’ rights to due process and a fair trial, Human Rights Watch said. The next hearing is scheduled for May 26, 2015, two days after Ethiopia’s general elections.

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